All major home builders incorporate the real estate commission into the price of each new home. They do not offer any concessions, rebates, or allowances directly to buyers without an agent. Consequently, whether a buyer engages an agent or not, the final cost of the home remains unchanged, and the salespeople receive the same commission, regardless of agent representation. Therefore, the choice of having an agent or not doesn't affect them.

If you choose Enrique Moreno as your representing agent when purchasing your new home in

Las Vegas, we'll gladly provide you with a 1% rebate from our commission!


Delivering Excellence Since December of 2000

 ​​​​​​​ How it works?

New Construction Homes

Buying a new home can be a wonderful experience.  Knowing that the home was built to the latest building codes and energy efficiency standards, being able to personalize the design of the home along with being the first person to live in the home, can all be quite exciting!


In order to be eligible for the new home commission rebate, you have to establish a buyer agency agreement with Enrique Moreno as your Buyer’s Agent BEFORE your first trip to the home builder. This process is very simple…just contact Enrique Moreno by filling out the form on the right and we will email to you the agreement that will establish this relationship. This ‘protects’ your new home rebate and also gives you the peace of mind in knowing that a licensed Nevada real estate agent is providing guidance along the way, representing your best interests from contract to closing. All representation will be done by phone/e-mail, unless the builder requires our in-person participation on your initial visit to the New Home Development.

When can I start looking at New Homes in Las Vegas?

Prior to your FIRST VISIT to the new home subdivision or development, simply submit your information on the  "Get Started" form to the right. Keep in mind that this offer may be void if you have previously visited the new home subdivision or development and registered with an on-site sales counselor or agent (unless the builder will waive their policy).

I am ready for the Home Builder to write a contract for me to sign…what shall I do?

You will want to ensure that Enrique Moreno is listed as the Selling Broker (aka Buyer’s Agent) within the contract or on any addendum to the contract BEFORE you sign it. This will help ensure that we get paid, and you get your commission rebate! Once the contract has been signed by the Builder, please provide a copy to us so we can follow through on the contract-to-closing process.

Are commission rebates legal in Nevada?

Absolutely.  Commission Cash rebates are legal in Nevada when consent is provided by the client's (principals) we serve and rebates are disclosed properly. Commission rebates are an important competitive tool, that are beneficial to consumers. Open and free business competition, in general, is the basis for the American economy and is protected by both state and federal anti-trust and consumer protection laws. Consumers would be well advised to visit the DOJ's website to understand the many Federal law enforcement efforts taken to prevent or prosecute restraint of trade or commission price fixing within the real estate services industry. If you feel your right to competitive real estate services were impeded by anti-competitive industry practices, resulting in a loss or reduction in an agreed commission rebate, please leave a complaint with the DOJ. Consumers do have legal recourse against harmful anti-competitive business conspiracies within the real estate services sector that result in higher than negotiated consumer services costs. In the United States, including Texas, any business conspiracy that results in a restraint of free trade, consumer price fixing, and or works to impose a boycott on competitive businesses have been deemed illegal and subject to anti-trust laws.
Consumer resource information concerning competition in real estate services on the 
U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) website.

Can you get a check or cash for the rebate at close of escrow?

Unfortunately no.  This practice is considered unethical in our industry.  We can only rebate the funds through escrow with a credit on the settlement statement.  You can use the credit towards closing costs, points, options, prepaid HOA dues or anything else that your lender will allow if you are financing the property.  This essentially means you bring less money to closing.  IMPORTANT:  Our rebate does not affect any concessions or incentives the builder may be offering.

Why do I have to sign a Buyer Broker's Agreement?

This document solidifies our buyer representation and is an essential part of getting paid a commission which results in a rebate to you.

Does it cost anything for me to participate in this program?

We do not charge you anything for this service!  

Is this program only for new construction homes?

Yes, either standing inventory new builds or dirt-builds.

What geographical areas does this program cover?

Our program covers Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, Boulder City and Pahrump NV.

How can I use the new home rebate?

  • Credit towards your closing costs (if your Lender will allow);
  • Apply it towards additional upgrades in the new home (if your Home Builder will allow); or
  • Taking it off the bottom line of your sales price after the lowest negotiated price (if your Home Builder will allow).

Is this program for everyone?

Yes, everyone purchasing a new construction home can take advantage of this program.

Are there any restrictions to this offer?

  • You must NOT be represented by another real estate agent through a written agreement;
  • You must be accompanied by Enrique Moreno with Executive Realty Services on your on your FIRST visit to the new home community and registered with an on-site sales counselor.  On rare occasions, the sales person will allow you to designate a realtor your are working with.  We will call the community and make those arrangements prior to your initial visit.  This offer may be void if you have PREVIOUSLY visited the new home subdivision or development and registered with an on-site sales counselor or agent (unless the builder will waive their policy);
  • The purchase contract for your new home (or any addenda) must reflect Enrique Moreno on it as the Selling Broker (aka Buyer’s Agent);
  • The Home Builders that you are working with must agree to pay at least 2.5% of the sales price in commission to Enrique Moreno with Executive Realty Services. If the commission is less than 2.5%, then your new home rebate amount will be reduced incrementally. (Ex: If the New Home Builder pays a 2.0% commission (which is ½% less than 3%), then the new home rebate to you will be reduced by .25% 
  • The new home rebate must be approved by your Lender and the Home Builder and must also be reflected on the Settlement Statement at the time of closing.
  • If you're making a cash payment for your new home, you have the flexibility to utilize your rebate for various purposes such as covering closing costs, reducing the home price, pre-paying HOA fees, investing in upgrades or appliance packages.
  • Rest assured, you will retain all exclusive promotional pricing, discounts, closing credits, free alternatives, or any other incentives offered by the builder. We are committed to ensuring you receive all incentives, including rate buy-downs and any additional discounts available for new construction. Should you encounter any challenges during the purchase of your new home, we will serve as your advocate. Furthermore, we proudly offer the most substantial rebates for new home purchases in the Las Vegas Valley. There are no restrictions on the purchase price of your new home.

What experience do you have with New Home Sales?

Enrique Moreno has licensed in Las Vegas since December of 2000.  He has represented hundreds of clients in New Home purchases throughout his career.  Executive Realty Services has a solid relationship with all local builders in the Las Vegas.  Enrique understands the current market conditions,   knows what questions to ask, understands the buying process in it entirety and most important will negotiate in the buyer's best interest. Enrique on several occasions has negotiated extra benefits for his buyers.  You can read some recommendations and testimonials from previous clientele.  TESTIMONIALS

What's the catch?

There are none.  Some other buyer rebate companies have all type of restrictions and other “small print” details that can hurt the buyer.  We do not have any of those restrictions and believe in transparency.  We will rebate 1% of the purchase price regardless PERIOD!  No complicated charts or conditions, you simply get 1% of the commission back at closing!

What I ask of you?

Think of this like a partnership where we are working together for the same end result... Getting you into you new home and putting some money back in your pocket.  It is important that you follow the instructions on this page.  This will ensure that you the buyer will receive your rebate successfully and we effectively use up each other's time.  We believe this is a fair request and only benefits everyone involved.  We pride ourselves in delivering the best possible service to our clients and the most promising results. 

Ready to Get Started?

​​​​​​​Fill out the Get Started form on the right or Contact Enrique via email at enrique@executiverealtyservces.com or via phone at 702-278-8871

  Get Started

1. Call us first or fill out the "Get Started" form on the right so that we can utilize this information to register you.

2. We will email you a Buyer Broker agreement for your electronic signature.  This will establish our representation as your buyer's agent and will outline the 1% rebate that will be credited to you upon a successful closing.

3. Search for the most up to date NEW HOME DEVELOPMENT/SPEC HOMES  at https://showingnew.com/enriquemoreno

4. MOST IMPORTANT: Before you visit a community that you may be interested in, contact us at 702-278-8871 so that we can call ahead and get you registered.  If you skip this step we WILL NOT be able to represent you and you will not be able to receive a rebate.

5. Once we give you confirmation that you are fully registered, you may visit the community.  You can mention to the  salesperson at the new home development that you are being represented by Enrique Moreno with Executive Realty Services and that you have been pre-registered prior to your visit.    You can download our digital business card to reference  our representation using this link: Business card

6. MOST builder require Real Estate professionals to be present during the 1st visit.  Enrique Moreno or someone from his team will be more than happy to be present during your first visit in case this is a requirement.

7.FINALLY, select a desired models and reserve an available lot of your choice with an earnest money deposit that a builder will require. If you are financing the property, you will then be asked to get pre-qualified by one of the builder's  in-house lenders.  This is standard protocol since the builder wants to confirm that you are able to purchase the property.  Any builder incentives are usually tied to you using their preferred lender for your loan.  Once they get a green light from the builder, you will go to contract with the builder.

8. Prior to closing, we will instruct the assigned escrow company to credit you 1%  of our commission.  You can use the rebate towards closing costs, options, prepaid HOA fees or whatever your lender may allow.  I will sign off on the rebate back to you and email you a copy for your records prior to closing the transaction.  The rebate will appear as a credit (Good as cash money) on the final settlement statement.  **1% rebate is eligible only when the builder pays at least 2.5% cooperation to the buyer's agent.**  

9.  It's that simple to save thousands of dollars on your new home purchase.

Here are the typical amounts you can expect back:

Home Price $400,000  – Rebate = $4,000
Home Price $600,000  – Rebate = $6,000
Home Price $850,000  – Rebate = $8,500
Home Price $1,500,00 – Rebate = $15,000

There is no cap on the sales price.

Get Started?

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